Thursday, 6 March 2014

Is this a thing? My sudden aversion to Second Life

I wonder if anyone else has had the issue I am currently experiencing?  After years of exploring virtual worlds over the past 6 months I have developed more than just the typical boredom: they actually make me physically illl to be in them.  I get headaches, anxiety and aversion when I go in to any virtual reality.

This make taking my class on Virtual Worlds and Literature really hard.  LOROL gave me terrible headaches and made it hard for me to sleep.

Since then it has just gotten worse.  I can't take more than 5 minutes of Second Life till my head feels like it is going to split.  Everything looks ugly, sounds ugly and makes my skin crawl.

I can't believe that just 6 years ago I used to spend about 10 hours a week in Second Life and blog about it almost everyday, now if I spent an hour in it I can't sleep.

Has anyone else known of a case like this?  Is it a common reaction over time to Virtual Reality?  Does it have a name?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reality is Virtual to start with

Slavoj Zizek gives it pretty straight:  reality is already virtual.  We have always lived in a virtual world.  We always are creating virtual models of everyone in everyday life, ignoring certain facts we know and then constructing an ideal image.

Zizek talks about how power is virtual.  The example I give is people working in jobs imaging they are being watched, judged and potentially fired when most likely there is no effective structure.  We keep society going imagining power rather than real power.

We are playing simulated ideas in reality all the time.  My understanding of this that culture and society always was virtual, that there is no real difference between a a virtual reality and a reality, both are created and operated via imagination.

The idea that virtual reality is false is wrong in a deep way.  If we claim it is false because it is full of beliefs that we know are not true than social life is always equally false.  If we assert normal life as real, we must hold that are ideal assumptions as having a reality. In fact in virtual reality we might show more of our real selves.

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