Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Multi-cultural Second Life, body of the network

Arab Avatar is an interesting mix of the old and new.  Actually in reality I did swim in a pool that overlooked the Pyramids.  But having these major features of Islamic culture on a Beach is the most Second Life of things.

On the other hand a place like Kiz Kules seems only to be Turkish because the people they chat in Turkish and there are a few Turkish flags, though the wooden houses might pass for old nice places in Istanbul

Portugal Center is one of the best executes SIMs I have ever seen, it really feels like a down town of a small city and it would be niece to see it at a crowded time.

Gopi Desert is popular with Koreans, one thing to note about Second Life is that different culture may use virtual space in different ways.  For many Latin Americans I notice beaches and clubs are popular, while Koreans and Japanese like more complex RP environments.  Germans I have noticed often execute very realistic and excellent look sims.

These are all off the cuff generalisations but I doubt any long term resident of Second Life would disagree that SIM take on a lot of baggage from the cultures that make them.
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