Sunday, 8 September 2013

Maker Madness

I don't suspect this is going to make me very popular, but I think that it is time to talk about what I call Maker Madness in Second Life.  Makers are the new cool, and there is no question that we need a culture of more makers and less takers (i.e. bankers).

The problem in Second Life is that people's making is starting to be an obsession.  Second Life is full of cool things and cool places, but visiting it is more and more like visiting a centre of autistic idiot savants.  There are wonderful little pieces everywhere but not idea how they fit together.  

In Second Life you can buy cool devices to fly, but you have no where to fly and no one to fly with most of the time.  You can buy an amazing new identity and go to a dream like place but nothing is happening.  Its all getting so autistic.

The universe inside of Linden Lab's computers has drifted from a community to a closet, a world made of unloved toys that used to be more fun.  Our strange relationship with toys and things, with making and falling out of love becomes an real place.  A crazy place. 

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