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University of Caledon Oxbridge

If I was ever asked what it my favourite neo-traibe in Second Life I would say, without a second thought, Steampunk.

aledon Oxbridge University
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Winterfell is home to chivalry, true love, dastardly foes, rogues, knights in shining armor, maidens, spinsters, pirates, adventurers, joy, tragedy, superstitions, spiritualism, folklore and all manner of creatures from the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds. Winterfell and Caledon together comprise the main center of the Realm of the Roses. That Realm is composed of all nations permitted to relocate adjacent to either Winterfell or Caledon.
Winterfell Community Center

New Toulouse
Salut & bienvenue a la Nouvelle Toulouse, a private estate community based on the American city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and its surrounding environs at the turn of the 19th & 20th centuries. (1890-1920)

New Babbage
New Babbage is an independent city-state with an urban Steampunk theme within the virtual world of Second Life. It is a hotbed of Steampunk with airships, clockwork devices, submersibles, and other amazing technology!

Steelhead is a Second Life "Gaslamp Fantasy" nation set in the 1890s. Nestled in the Coastal Pacific Northwest of the Oregon/Washington territories, sits the town of Steelhead City. Steelhead City was founded in 1854 after an unexpected tidal wave wiped out the small mining community known as Ambertown, leaving it a ghost town... until out of the dust, a few intrepid pioneers considered this to be a good prospective settlement.

Spread over many full regions, each named after a popular Victorian novelist, Mielville is a community of Victorian Steampunk sims in the style of late 19th century San Fransisco and New Orleans. As well as shops and residences, Residents can visit some beautiful parkland, ports, and the impressive Mieville Magical Academy. Mielville is also home base for the twice-yearly "STEAM: The Hunt!" steampunk-themed grid-wide hunt.

Paris 1900
Return to Paris circa 1900, a time when romance and revolution were in the air and the Moulin Rouge was the hottest ticket in town. Rent a car and stop by some of the city's greatest landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Le Arc de Triomph, and the Great Ferris Wheel just as they were at the turn of the century. (Francophone)

Raglan Shire
Raglan Shire is the heart of a cluster of sims catering to Tiny community. A fantastical,fun and welcoming place, the motto of Raglan Shire is "Friendship, Creativity, Silliness". The sims feature a large tree city filled with various Tiny themed wares made by many creative avatars on the grounds as well as in the trees themselves on the various platforms.

Isles of Fatima
Welcome to the Isles of Fatima. Our islands are built around a theme of British Victorian/Edwardian architecture, recalling a peaceful, calm, and above all beautiful way of village life in a time when things were less hurried, less complicated... There are a number of attractions dotted around the islands; please explore them and enjoy yourself.

Confederation of Democratic Simulators
The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is a dynamic community, filled with creative, passionate citizens participating in the oldest democracy in Second Life. Originally organized in 2004 as the City of Neualtenstadt in the Anzere region, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators has grown to several expertly planned regions. Our community has emerged as a center for cultural, academic, and commercial activities, all developed and operated by the citizens of the C.D.S.

Armada Breakaway
Armada Breakaway is a floating steampunk pirate city in Second Life, scrapped together from the bones of old boats and swarming with brigands of all types and creeds. After a heavy storm, unlike any Armada had seen for many years, a small section was torn off and found itself alone and lost at sea. Discovered and repaired by some travelers, it is now beginning again anew.

Other Steamlands Regions

In addition, Rossers Landing & Neo Victoria are two Adult-themed steampunk estates.

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Special thanks to KateLynn Inglewood for the update and research!

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