Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Second Art and Second Life

Spencer Museum of Art, Spencer Art Museum is an amazing experience to explore.  But like most works of art it is not a living site, but is kind of an isolated experience.

Its an amazing thing to look at but would probably not be a great place to have a meeting.  But the role of art in our society is to stand out against a society and hold a mirror up to it, the question is what is the society of Second Life that Second Life art is reacting to.

So what is this artistic use of space telling up about virtual culture?  Well partly that space and technology are becoming more organic, that virtual technology can move beyond the linear bounds of steam engine technology.  But just like my study of identity on Second Life, just because radical art can see it does it mean it is happening in Second Life?

The reality of Second Life is not technology becoming more organic, far from it, from trees to animals the organic is re-imagined as a hyper technical with a repetition and mathematic precision not possible in any real world industrial process.  The Second Life art seems more to be rejecting what is happening in Second Life than showing what is possible.

When a space is use by a range of people a general post-modern nightmare of random senseless linear geometry.  And inorganic chaos which is both meaningless and ordered at the same time.  Kind of like TV, but immersive.
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