Friday, 21 June 2013

SL as stage vs environment

Moscow Island presents you a Red Square as a stage.  The impact of deploying such a interesting space as an island is that you are in a kind of Disneyland Moscow, ads are everywhere and everything is a shop.  You need to suspend you disbelief just like in Disneyland and not look behind the set much for its all a obvious stage.  This gives a very consumer experience of SL.  Also I might even say a kind of laziness, where flags don't wave and things are made of 2D pictures.

I would advice anyone working on building spaces to ditch the Island metaphor and go for the immersive bubble. Simply put you are modelling a Second Life space as a tiny Universe.  The sense of presence is far great, as you can see, and it even promotes detail IMHO.

But you tell me what looks better?

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