Thursday, 13 June 2013

* R u s t * by Cica Ghost , LEA13

* R u s t * by Cica Ghost , LEA13 

Rust is one of many art projects in Second Life showing the convergence of organic and technological design.  Like most people I grew up thinking the two were opposed, but over recent years it has become more common to think of technology as potentially working with organic life to provide sustainable living spaces.  Second Life has provided a number of artists the chance to envision this merger of technology and life.

I see rust as a kind of act of repentance and contrition for technology through art.  We are even invited to enter a kind of cage looking on to the process of machines becoming life.  What is the purpose of these fences in this room we can view the site from: but if only to give us the site of nature from a kind of prison, as the art serves are sentence for the destruction we have done to nature.

Second Life artists like Cica Ghost are certainly leading the charge in thinking about technology, society and nature in new ways,

Unlike many projects that seek to provide actual design for a merger of organic and technological, like the Terreform One project, Second Life provides an imagination space in which a merger of machines, men and nature can be played with, envisioned and perhaps some day imagined.

The role of the artist in modern times is often to prepared the personality for the coming social changes.

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