Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happy Birthday Second Life (your still alive!)

What I don't like about SL is that people don't experiment much on their AVs, they mostly look like what they want to be in RL, which means that SL becomes dominated with issues of identity, and their for all the psychological baggage of identity.  People people are trying to live Ideal forms (what Lacan would say are mirror images ruled by the Big Other perhaps) Second Life's social dynamics gets overcome by neurotic issues in real life.  RL/SL means that RL is coming through in drama.

I wish people would be as radical as some of the artists and builders, and embrace anarchy.  Second Life needs more schizoid AV formation: less Freud and more Deluze.  Anarchy in self creation.

People need to change genders, to change AV over and over again during interactions, to change race, to change sexual orientation, to explore.

I see artists doing this all the time, but what good is an Anarchist space is the people inside of it are governed by the old taboo and complexes that govern everyday life.  Drama structures the art to such a way that the experience of freedom never exists.

After a while it becomes the same thing over and over again, RP sims that are predictable and dull, AV that look like photoshopped 13 year old models living only on a diet Coke, cigarettes and cotton balls.

Come on people, go out there and be something different!
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