Friday, 14 September 2012

The End?

For some time I have been writing about the end of Virtual Reality as a viable social event.  Recently I have had an experience that has brought home just how much the landscape of social networking has been changed by iPhones and Android.

I had my 'SL' machine stolen recently.  I quickly replaced my iPhones and iPads and set up a home iMac which allowed us to make movies again and process photos from the real world.  During this time I have also had an app released on iTunes.

But I have not bothered to replace the Second Life machine or to install anything other than a text based connection to my iPad.

So Second Life is not that important to me anymore.  But I think I am kind of missing it.  Pretty soon I will have a nice Apple machine set up, I think I might be starting to miss it.  But there is no escaping that the virtual reality project has been replaced by a more mobile and more real world based use of the Internet.

Actually I have a fairly negative theory about this.  Getting on to Second Life takes a lot of time and effort, and using SL involves having to pay attention to other people.  Second Life expands you social engagement in to times when you might usually be watching TV.  Smartphones enable you to tune out social life when ever and where ever you want.

So the failure of Second Life is the fact that it was only social, people use social networks to avoid social contacts.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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