Friday, 2 September 2011

The missing piece of SL? Or does SL need the missing piece?

What I really find a bit odd is the following conditions of Second Life.

Firstly Second Life is full people doing sex RP. There are also high end interactions for people playing sex games that allow people to take control of animations, other people AV or let technology take control of them.

There already exists plenty of vibrator technology that can be connected to a computer.

It would be rather easy to connect a Second Life interface to a vibrator.

So why is everyone not doing it? Why are you not being invited to make a AV come in RL by clicking on a control?

The answer, I suspect, lies in the psychoanalysis of symbolic reality. I have been reading the brilliant theorist Zizek's theory of cyberspace recently. Zizek is far from the clearest theorist, but one point emerges from his approach of cybersex. For Zizek the pleasure from second life is not a simulation or approximation of sexuality. Rather the pleasure is of a symbolic nature always separated from the animal desire of direct sexuality.

Lacan said that the sexual relationship for humans was impossible. I would say this means that we are so lodged in our symbolic world of language and meaning that we have no conscious access to what ever it is animals seem to feel in sexuality. Part of the sexual act is the presence of this strange animal that is actually doing the act which we are more watching then doing. Perhaps this explains the popularity of pornography while people do not get pleasure watching other people eat or do drugs.

In the sexual act our thinking mind is always just an observer. The observer needs to learn to have a pleasure distant from the physical experience which language separates it from.

The joy of Second Life sexuality is precisely the symbolic mind's joy of the idea of sex, rather than a simulation of sex. Engaging technology to make real physical contact would have no impact on the actual joy that we feel.

That is because our joy is a kind of joy of denial. This is what you see often in domination play, where a domme gets and gives a satisfaction by denying sexual pleasure. The sub who is ordered to not touch themselves is getting joy out of the denial of pleasure. Which is what happens in Second Life.
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