Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Second Life: when the place dies and the space remains

Well I think it just has to be said. Second Life has become so boring, so childish, so repetitive, so narcotic depressive and technically laggy that there is no longer anything to find there or any fun to have there.

It was a very interesting experiment but it is now dead. I learned a great deal about how spatial metaphors might work in the coming Internet of Things. But mostly I learned how not to construct a social network. The entire libertarian anarchist Capitalist ethic was kind of stupid when you think of it. After all that is essentially the world we live in already, and that is the world which is crushing community for most people: so why would anyone think that this same pattern would cause community in a virtual world.

Second Life was so inspired by a spiritualist ethic that simply by reproducing it would purge that for the first years no one seemed to worry about how community was being formed or not formed. But given how much the Virtual Reality Myth was part of Science Fiction is was probably necessary that it be tried. It is now been re-packaged as the truly unbearable IMVU. But the idea that we would go in to an alternative reality and have interesting lives and experiences has been demonstrated to be dead.

Cyberspace is dead. One thing people actually have enough of is reality. In fact people can not keep on top of the reality they have, that is what they need the Internet for: to connect to the reality that is already around them.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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