Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cyberspace is Dead

After several years of exploring the virtual world I feel some explanation why this blog is now essentially dead.

The reason is an insight I have gained recently by doing work with the mobile internet. People actually don't lack reality, in fact people feel as though there is plenty of reality, they just feel they are missing out on it. Information about reality is hard to come by, sometimes expensive, and once people get busy or lose contact with a wide network it often becomes impossible to know all the things that might be happening just around the street. People know there is plenty of reality out there, they simply don't know where and when it is happening.

So the thing that computers give us is not virtual reality, or augmented reality, or hybrid reality: but just reality. This year I have been working with mobile Web 3.0 technology. And I now believe that cyberspace was not a destination, but a half way house. Now that the Internet is merging with reality our imagined space of cyberspace will die off very quickly joining Martian invasions and space colonies as one of the fantasies of Science Fiction that never quite made it.

Cyberspace is dead. The Internet is now all about real space.
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