Friday, 21 January 2011

Why is IMVU so popular?

IMVU is pushing product harder than Second Life ever did. Even in the worst day of people trying to exploit SL you never saw anything like this.

And IMVU Chat Rooms look like kind of lame Second Life SIMs. You even get many of the same concepts structing them, from Furies to Drama to beaches. Beach Mansion Party almost looks like it was in Second Life

So why is IMVU so popular. I have recently raised this very question on Quora, if you have any ideas or want to read what others might say please give it a look.

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DeNovo Broome said...

SL is the internet, IMVU is the "safe" version, like AOL claimed to be.

Some people just prefer being ruthlessly exploited by their corporate overlords in order to be sure that nobody needs to be tempted by any dangerous personal freedoms.

Robert Hooker said...

@DeNovo Broome thanks for that but that was not precisely the kind of answer I was looking for.

DeNovo Broome said...

sorry, sarcasm overcame me..

But I think that there's an essence of truth there. IMVU SEEMS safer. it's made to seem less real, and there are restrictions on behavior, and a lot of moderation, from what I understand.

This is comforting to people with an authoritarian mindset, which is a LOT of people.

I think they are marketing to that demographic.

Anonymous said...

second lifes graphics are hideous compared to imvus.

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