Monday, 31 January 2011

A vision of Twinity joined to Google Earth

Above my rather realistic looking avatar in Twinity standing in the immersive Virtual Parliament Square

And here that space shown as a location in Google Earth. The other locations are foursquare checkins over the past 2 months.

These two images show how conceptually easy it would be to link Virtual Twinity cities with real world Web 3.0 technology via Google Earth. In theory it should be possible for a foursquare checkin or anything else about a location in Twitter to show up in Twinity in real time. Each geo-located tweet that happens in the real world could show up as a buggle in a virtual world like Twinity.

For organising or monitoring the real world this would be very powerful. I could potentially now only see real world messages on a Google Earth, but when something interesting seemed to happen I could walk in a virtual model, to see how the space feels in reality and potentially to even register as a ghost or virtual presence to people on the ground.
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