Sunday, 23 January 2011

A SIM set in Kyoto but not modelling Kyoto, the complexity of place in Second LIfe

PONTOCHO: Virtual Geisha // Maiko & Geisha Training

Description: "Home to the Pontocho Hanamachi Okiya/Ochaya set in an authentic modern Kyoto. Japan Geisha Training Geiko Education Maiko kimono onsen tea ceremony teahouse tea house dance school odori kabuki theatre museum onsen asian Japanese Nihon Nippon edo jinja"

This place is really lovely and the neo-tribe of Japanese Geishas put on some lovely shows in Second Life. But though it sure look a lot like Kyoto it is no way a model of Kyoto. This is what distinguishes a Second Life, where people set up "stages" to RP any place they want from a Twinity, where a real world map structures the model to make a one to one mapping between a virtual place and a real place.

Where Second Life's open SIM architecture works best in the creation of fantasy spaces, in the making of RP movies where a group of people come together to stage things. Second Life is a kind of early version of the next kind of Hollywood. Twinity on the other hand provides a framework for creating virtual objects that relate directly to real world places.

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