Thursday, 27 January 2011

Really me, perhaps your avatar is more you than you.

An avatar self portrait, perhaps all avatars are in fact more honest self portraits than we relieve.

When I was still a post-modernist I imagined my avatar was alternative self, that a single person could move from one avatar to another like reading different books and seeing different characters. That due to the Outsourced suture one could move in and out of identities without any real attachment or social responsibility to them.

Second Life has taught me one thing, that Post-Modern theories may be wrong
How do you understand Second Life

But recent reading and review of Second Life has caused me to deeply question this. Zizeck raises a very interesting point in much of his work. If we observe a silent impotent man with no real power in his life or relationship going in to Second Life and playing a sadistic slaver master, which personality truly is "him"?

The identities we form in Second Life are much less controlled by our social circumstances or cultures. We are free to interact with people from all over the world in a fantasy space. We are therefore less restrained. It is not just that we feel less restrained, but that we are less restrained. We can do things in fantasy space that we can not do in real life.

So are these selves we create in Second Life really alternative, or are they the true selves we must repress. I guess that all comes down to what we define self as. Is the self the full interaction between what we want to be and do and what we compromise and become in our culture, or is the self something we see as being independent of culture and social norms.

For example a woman with lesbian feelings who lives in a southern home may marry a man and have children to confirm to the dictates of her church and family. Is she a housewife and mother or a lesbian? Which is the true self and which is the false self? Is she both?

I guess in the end I put my lot with Lacan and say that she is neither. No identity ever gives us a real self. That may sound morbid to people looking for a true expression of self, but when you start asking questions like the ones above it makes analysis a lot easier.

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