Thursday, 13 January 2011

On the Titanic in IMVU, kind of hoping it would all sink

On the Titanic Chat Room in SL

I have been trying to find a good excuse to assert that IMVU is not a virtual world. The best one I have been able to come up with is the fact you can't walk, that you have to click on pose balls. Certainly animations via pose balls are a part of Second Life but you can move around and even fly. Also Second Life, like Twinity, is a world you can move around in. IMVU is just a collection of Chat Rooms, more like an IRC with a 3D graphic interface. More of a throw back than an advance.

But the kids love IMVU, which shows in how utterly pathetic you are likely to find the social interactions. But I guess I will have to spend some time exploring the place as well.

But for the life of me it makes no sense why IMVU is growing like crazy and Second Life is stagnate? It could just be that people with this kind of time on their hands usually have low end machines?

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