Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Key lessons from IMVU: The importance of marketing

Over the coming weeks I am going try and present the points I think have lead to IMVU success over Second Life. Today the first is the importance of marketing campaigns. Not just social marketing, letting your advertising be crowd sourced. IMVU has embraced web marketing with targeted ad that give a clear image of what they are trying to sell.

This has not only proven the value of marketing money spent, but also the importance of getting your brand identity out there in a way you want. IMVU present to the world, each day in web ads, an image of how they want to be seen. Linden Labs has retreated on this front and allowed the story to be about the "Coming Collapse of Second Life" for some time.

But Linden Labs failure is not only more conventional branding advertising, which hey never engaged in, preferring hype to sell their product. This meant they lost total control of the message from the start. Linden Labs still does not have a clear Social Media marketing strategy, and while my post about BlueMars and Twinity are consistently retweeted by those companies, my thousands of posts about what there is to see and do in Second Life have never been embraced by Linden Labs.
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