Sunday, 16 January 2011

Blue Mars is as good as dead, IMVU surges, and VR is now a business

A report from Andromeda media group on how close Blue Mars is to total collapse:

Andromeda Media Group: Requiem For Blue Mars:

"Blue Mars is Broke. The CEO is gone and most of the team. They’re using the money they have left and the board of directors is betting the remainder of the farm on mobile/web technology with OTOY, because they can’t afford to develop a desktop native client any longer. Chances are the cloud rendering option will eventually bleed them dry and what is left of Avatar Reality will no longer be a reality. Read on for full details and synopsis."

My own conclusions about Blue Mars is that it was too hard to use and therefore too limited. Unlike IMVU Blue Mars concentrated on the wrong things. It made a heavy client that gave you a great looking experience, but one lacking other people and ease of use.

IMVU learned the right lessons, keeping their develop light weight they concentrated on social inside and social outside. The entire "metaverse" of Blue Mars is focused around chatting, with social activity pushed at you. And the mass marketing online of IMVU made certain everyone knew where it was.

The less to be learned from these two follow ups to Second Life are clear. The greatest danger for a Technology company is that only technology will run it. Blue Mars concentrated on technical experience and produced a hard to use great looking universe that you needed and excellent machine to use. IMVU can run on just about anything and spent their effort on marketing.

I guess Virtual Reality is now officially a business.

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