Monday, 6 December 2010

Web 4.0 emerging

The above image shows me on the Virtual world of Twinity, exploring Singapore as an immersive simulation

And above here is my own tool for taking the density of geo-tweeting from the same spot in Singapore.

Okay right now it take a lot of imagination to see how these kinds of things link up, but given the fact that everything in Twinity is already tagged with a geo-location and twitter is now providing information tagged by the same geo-laction there is no reason that information from the real world, and in real time, can not be synced up with virtual information in Twinity.

Google has already done a great deal in this area merging maps with models and photos. I could see a group of people meeting up, some in Twinity and some in RL at a given place. They could then converse between the real and virtual worlds using twitter to have a text based conversation. In the background all the other twitters going on for a location in the real world could be experienced as background sound.

Here is a simple idea to make something I call Tweetinity. Make a object in Twinity that you wear which sends you Twinity locaiton to my geo-loaction twitter function. Use the number that returns as an indication of the level of "activity" happening at the spot, and produce a volume of street sounds based on that number. You could also rez cars and people to simulate what is really happening on the ground.

In this way the experience of Twinity would more closely reflect what was really happening there on the ground.

I have to admit I would know how to do this with Second Life LScript but have no idea how to do it in Twinity.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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