Thursday, 2 December 2010

Virtual Pregnancy

Pregnancy, Second Life's strangest Role Play

Mother Goose here is a far cry from one of the only shops that sells pregnancy related items in Second Life. This is actually pretty common. Virtual Partners very often have virtual babies. Sometimes people role play entire families, with certain players being the children. This kind of stuff is not that open in SL, I think most people sense it is kind of strange, but it does happen all the time.

The most common form I have seen are couples who want to go through the process of having a family. People form very intense fantasy relationships in Second Life. These relationships also tend to be pretty short lived, but often involved marriage and even virtual children. I have actually seen weddings with a couple dozen people attending.

I have also meet people who use a program which will randomly make them pregnant or not during virtual sex. I have meet one unwed mother role play. A woman who wore one during virtual sex and after a few cybersex one night stands got pregnant, virtually had the baby and took care of it for a few weeks until stashing it back in the inventory.

Children regularly play with dolls, so likely the worst thing you can say about this conduct is it is a form of regression. Having chldren together is normally a part of romantic love, but in a economy that makes reproduction very difficult this kind of play may release some desire to breed in a relationship.

There is probably also just a lot of curiosity. Or maybe its all just nuts. It is one thing you have to be in SL for some time before anyone will talk to you about. But it happens all the time.

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