Friday, 3 December 2010

Tracking the beast of self in foursquare

One thing we can learn from foursquare is just what areas we tend to cover the most. Above is my most common visited located over the past few weeks, excluding Boston on Thanksgiving, and it shows how patterned our normal use of space is.

Now I don't see why that should be so surprising. Pattern behavior is a hallmark of community usage. What you see here is the mixture of a gym club I like to go to, a place I have breakfast with a friend and wife almost every Saturday, some places we like to walk to on the weekend and places I like around my main client.

The above graphic is a knowable manageable life in London, mixed with visits of the theatre, nights out, and museums along with
regular exercise, which trust me I need badly.

This graph comes from a week spent in New England over Thanksgiving. It contains a larger area, but such range can only mean two things: lots of business travel or a vacation. It was nice to see so many different places in a single week and pick up so many quick check ins, but would anyone want to live in this massive a range and mix of places day to day, how could one establish community.

My point is a certain amount of patterned dullness is a precondition of community, discipline, and creativity. And web 3.0 may actually be able to help in this.

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