Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Second New York Apple Store, the rise of the virtual copy of our real world

Above is Google Earth showing the Apple Store at 767 Fifth avenue. Below is an image of Twinity from the same location. Around it are some images of the area from Google Earth. Using Google Maps it is also possible to explore Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia and other content about this location.

Microsoft though Bing and Google are rushing to create a detailed map of our virtual reality. These maps though are ground in the most simple of technology: Descartes 2D graphing. Though the Earth is a sphere every location on it can be identified with a north/south and east/west position. A further more complex concept of altitude can give height above and below sea level. A further global standard can give the number of seconds before and after given date and have been adopted from a Unix standard. So everything that ever happened on earth can be precisely described in 4D matrix.

Given you had a model of every significant person who every lived, every major building and place and every significant event, you could play out a summary of the history of earth as animations of these objects on Google Earth, moving backwards and forward in time.

Beyond this virtual reality gives us the possibility to both experience these places more immersively, and run hypothetical worlds that can be as close or distant from the real world as we like. I think this is what Web 4.0 is going to look like. Not only everything encoded and available everywhere, but a complex language of hypothetical realities that can link virtual places, beyond just the Twinity Geo-location to cover more subtle concepts of mapping.

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