Monday, 20 December 2010

How to save SL

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I am going to join a chorus right now proposing things to try and save Second Life. Firstly we have to start out and admit that Virtual Worlds have not really taken off. According to a Pew study of American users still less than 10% of early teen users go to Virtual Worlds. This makes for depressing prospects for future growth.

A place like Second Life should look at this strengths, and look at what works in Virtual Worlds.

Second Life's strength is that is makes it easy for SIM owners to produce their own virtual world content.

The most successful Virtual Worlds are RP environments like Blizzard's product or EVE, Virtual Worlds that produce thousands of paying users.

Well perhaps for the future of Virtual World developers might come to see Second Life as a platform to build RP worlds quickly and to gain players without having to sell their own software. In the way the web browser made it possible for firms like Facebook and Gooogle to take over from Compuserve and AOL perhaps a SL like platform will make it possible for future game worlds to take over from WoW and EVE.

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