Tuesday, 16 November 2010

There is no escaping the conclusion, Second Life is stagnate and slowly dying

Second Life Blogs: Features: The Second Life Economy in Q3 2010

In a time of explosive Web usage Linden Labs reported some very sobering numbers. Here is a quickly summary of the bad news:

1. The virtual world has essentially stopped getting any bigger. The total size, once growing so fast, has reached a kind of steady state.
2. The economy is stagnate and not growing, nor is the money supply, in short Second Life is in a period of economic stagnation in line with the current US economy.
3. Though slightly more people are logging in, the amount of time users are spending on the site is collapsed over the past year, down almost 12%.

It is impossible to put a positive spin on these numbers and unless something changes soon there can be no escaping the conclusion that Second Life is dying.
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