Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Again I try to define Web 4.0

Above is a reading from an App I have developed which gives the "Tweether" for a single location, the intensity of location based tweeting of any place. This is a real time reading for Central Park in New York, just outside of the Apple Store. It tells me that there are a lot of people posting to twitter with that location.

Above are two posts from that Twinity virtual world to my Facebook social network.

Notice in these two piece of information I have some key data:

1 A virtual model of the space in New York that I can experience via Twinity
2. Real time real world data of the place from Twitter and process via a PHP app I have been working on
3. Post to a social network, Facebook, where my hundreds of SL and Virtual Reality fan friends can see it.

This mixture of real world and virtual world, social networks, and integration opens a new kind of web. Beyond the Web 2.0 of a social web and the Web 3.0 of an Internet linked to places and things, Web 4.0 can open the hypothetical web, were virtual and real data can be mixed via mashups and social networks to produce something more than just what (web 1.0), who (web 2.0) and where (web 3.0) but what if? This ability to soon construct virtual scenarios linked to real world data on any hand held device will greatly improve the communication and interaction ability of the web.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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