Friday, 8 October 2010

SkyBeam Sandbox, sand boxes are the soul of Second Life

SkyBeam Sandbox

A private sandbox with the following rules:

"SkyBeam Sandbox Rules

Welcome to the SkyBeam Sandbox.

This is a semi-public sandbox. Residents of the SkyBeam Estate sims have full unlimted time access to use this sim for their building and scripting purposes.

Residents of the SkyBeam Estates also have access to upper platforms. These are group restricted above 550m.
The greater public is invited to also use this sandbox with the understanding that there is a 3 hour non-group auto return set. It is important to keep track of time, gather up your work and set it back out before the auto return happens.

SkyBeam is not responsible for lost work or the behavior/actions of any avatar in the sim, save the sim owner, Charlene Trudeau.

This is a Mature rated region. However, we are prohibiting nudity, sexual activity and sexual/pornographic materials within the sandbox. All guardians are empowered to make their own decision as to the appropriateness of any content.

There are SkyBeam Regents, SkyBeam Guardians and SkyBeam Dwagons. These are the only authority in this sim. No other 'police force' has any rights to dictate your behavior or presence here. Please examine the profile of any individual that is giving you 'orders' to be certain they have the SkyBeam Estates group, before complying with any command given.

Respectful, polite conduct is required. Engaging in any behavior exhibiting bigotry, intolerance, griefing, harrassment and other rude and unpleasant behavior will result in temporary or permanent bannings.

Surrounding this sandbox are commercial lots and businesses. As a courtesy to these retailers that have paid to be a part of this sim, selling by any other persons within this sim is prohibited. If you need a place to sell your items, please consider renting a mall shop or other vendor space.

Begging and pan handling is not permitted.

The Sandbox is not a grandstand for your social, religious or politcal beliefs. If you wish to discuss these matters, please find a more appropriate forum. This is a place to build in peace. Thank you.

Light scripting is permitted. Excessive drains on script performance will be asked to be removed and worked on elsewhere. Experimentation with self replication is specifically disallowed.

Weapons: You may not fire any weapon here. You may not carry a weapon or brandish one in hand. You may not threaten or provoke using any weapon, including caging and orbitting items. 'But we are friends and just playing with each other' or 'I was just demonstrating' are not valid excuses for violating the rules. You may wear a properly sheathed/holstered weapon as an accessory. You may build the prim portions of a weapon here, but may not fit the weapon to hand nor test fire or swing a weapon here.

Driving motorized vehicles around the sandbox is not permitted. People need the space to work. Please look for one of the vehicle sims for these purposes. As with weapons, you may build and script the vehicles here, but you may not test drive or fly them here.
Gambling is prohibited in any form and will result in immediate banning.

Pyramid schemes and other scams or forms of theft will result in immediate, permanent banning from all SkyBeam Estate sims.

You will find me somewhere on the sandbox for much of my SL day. I'm very busy building. Please respect my need to be productive. I am however at hand to be certain that the rules in place are adhered to.
Charlene Trudeau"

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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