Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Second Life, is it growing, well it is getting bigger

Above is a pre-release June 2003 of Second Life. This is the land in which the now almost forgotten wars of 2003-2004 between Second Life original two factions were carried out. The green land was home of fairly typical left wing web Utopians, the orange was a right wing "proto-tea party" movement that strongly support the invasion of Iraq. Strange to think given the almost infinite grades of different languages and ideology that now exist in Second Life that 7 years ago it was a tiny space of two groups that contained only the positions in the United States and who didn't have enough space to avoid each other.

These original regions are still here, though they are now the established old part of Second Life. But the image belows shows how much Second Life has grown as a physical space in 7 years.

Perhaps we are all thinking too much in terms of Facebook which in the same time went from a couple of members of a Jewish Fraternity in Harvard to 500,000,000 accounts. But I would like to state that below is a virtual world built via collaboration in those 7 years. How long would it take a company to design, build and deploy something so big. Actually this is only most of Second Life, the entire surface of "Planet Linden" does not fit on my 30 inch monitor.

So despite all the problems Linden Labs is having and the pretty general sense of doom coming out of looking at the user numbers and economy, perhaps we are missing the real story here. The creation not only of space but of "place", areas with their own character supporting their own community and shared practices, and inside these buildings almost every object of the last 100 years modelled for us, often modelled again and again.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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