Friday, 8 October 2010

Second Life is identity formation moving towards the singularity

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Phillip Linden when speaking to the Long Now said that Second Life speed up the process of taking on and building identities. I fully agree, in Second Life it is possible to "become" people at a mouse click and you see people shifting through identities, trying on different ages, genders, faiths, sexual practices, historical periods.

The Singularity is a buzz word common for techies and I don't really buy in to the idea that we are soon going to jump in to some Virtual Reality that takes us billions of billions of years beyond what evolution could obtain. But I do think that in the 3D Web will will be exchanging identities so fast they will not seem fixed. We will be what our whim has us be, and if we stick with one identity for any amount of time it will be because we find it fun.

Fun will become more and more the order of the day. This thinking will meld in to augmented reality and reality itself, with most purchases and even medial procedures taking place for no other reason than the fun of it. Hedonistic will be the order of the day, and our identity of the day will have more to do with fun, sex and irony than dignity or social status.

The hard part of the future is being serious. But as we move more and more in to virtual augmented selves the world will still be running out of energy and water around us. We may find we reach a "singularity" just in time to see our civilization collapse around us.

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