Thursday, 9 September 2010

Retracking steps of my day in London in Twinity

Twinity gives me the change to retake the steps I walked today to get to work. It would be really cool to be able to import my foursquare check-ins to Twinity destinations.

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Currently you can export checkins to KML for Google Earth. It should be farly easy to import them to Twinity.

This comes back to my evolving concept of one part of Web 4.0. We could link foursquare to Twinity and have a mixture of RL check ins and Virtual Reality check ins. Twinty players could see the people on Virtual Reality Twinity while Twinity players could see, and interact with people in RL locations.

In this concept I could be sitting my office in any part of the world and visit London. Not only could I see other Twinity users but I could see and contact people who are actually checked in at certain locations. You could potentially IM with people who are sitting in a cafe as you sit in the virtual model in Twinity.

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