Monday, 6 September 2010

Radical identity play

Me and my Alt. A 18th Century Dutch Jewish male Merchant and a radical Islamic African woman. Both are identities I have formed playing around in Second Life. Both feel natural to me. Both arose out of accidental play. My female Alt "The Lady" was first created by my wife, who found SL too dorky to waste her time on. She is a blogger and wants to actually do something on the Internet. So I got her avatar as an Alt. Over the years I have made her African, and often dress her in Islamic, African, and even domme clothing. I would love to make a graphic novel out of SL with the two of them.

Rober has become something of a fixture in my own identity. I think I would not be surprised if I looked in a mirror and saw him instead of me, I probably would be happy. I am more use to seeing pictures of him than pictures of myself. I think I got the idea of the Jewish look when my friend told me Orthodox Jews never look in the mirror. Rober can become a full mirror that provides a place for me to insert my identity for a few hours a week. The experience is very strange, but perfectly natural. To "suture" on image on the screen. To feel this image to be yourself. To become involved.

A few weeks ago I was somehow brought in to some argument with someone in SL about something. I recall being utterly annoyed that my time was being wasted. I suddenly felt like a kid who finds her dolls are making demands for respect or attention. The illusion of social participation just vanished and in that community I became a rude sociopath. Maybe the suture broke. I think SL demands a need for the illusion of fantasy. People play out sort of Dreams that are deep structured by issues in RL. Every SL SIM or community is really a Real issue working itself out in fantasy.

Maybe I am becoming a Second Life sociopath?

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