Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Mojowijo: an obvious solution to a cybersex problem

For people who like cybersex on Second Life one of the key elements that distinguishes it from pure masturbation is the interaction with another person, or group of people, or small college class. What is most frustrating is that you are still restricted to seeing and hearing, with most intense interaction a combination of animations and IM dirty talk. Some people take it to VoIP and even Skype of MSN images of each other or interactive video.

But in the end the best thing about RL sex is still missing: the touching. People often augment their SL cybersex with various vibration devices or masturbation, but that is still isolation.

Mojowijo is a device to try and correct this for Second Life and the entire cybersex community. Its not the first or only, and it is so obvious they can use a brief silent movie to advertise it. I am not sure what is holding "Internet enabled dildos back". Maybe is because electronic toys are mostly for women, with male vibrators a new niche product and much harder to make. The palm of the hand already simulates the female sex organ better than any machine. Probably most men who be too selfish to vibrate a woman remotely and just be sitting there. Still the market for gay and lesbian, experimental couples and guys who want to watch as they remotely vibrate a women to orgasm should be large enough for a product launch.

Perhaps the well know Web 2.0 which should be called Prudishness 2.0 is stopping things, forcing cybersex on to the edges and preventing enough VC to flow in the sex VR?ss

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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