Friday, 10 September 2010

How avatar move between spaces in Second Life

Sorry it cuts off at the end but it gives the main point, SL is a network of singular SIMs best connected via Teleports or TPs. LM or landmarks provide a means to access as singular space.

Okay that sounds confusing. Second Life is presented as a cluster of land masses. This map is really not very useful for getting around. Walking or flying between SIMs produces a great deal of Lag. Generally some uses semantic search or social networks to find LMs to TP to. Is that clear?

New users will use search to find place. This blog provides thousands of locations with LMs to TP to. As a user gains a social network of friends and groups they gain more and more LMs.

The key here is findability is a major issue in SL, and one that is not well resolved. Most people can not find a SIM or community they would be interested in.
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