Sunday, 26 September 2010

Communist Party of Second Life

Communist Party of Second Life, Second Life sees the full range of political ideology, though the ruling ideology is Liberalism with a mixture of tolerance and free market brought to the organisation by Phillip Linden himself. This means that Second Life is a place that allows extreme diversity and protects IP rights, and is a fairly open community, but one where market forces generally decide everything.

It would be interesting to think about how a Communist virtual reality would function. On one level you might say Communists would see Virtual Reality as a kind of drug to distract from the real world where the real struggle is. On the other hand the "Imagination Age" dominated by creative media promises (potentially) a kind of wealth and equality Marx could never have dreamed of.

I happen to think that virtual reality, really immersive virtual reality in an economy dominated by machines, nano, and information will not need money and will take on many of the trains Marx outlined in Capital: I just don't agree with his dynamics of how this will happen.

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