Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mixed review for Blue Mars

I really like the way Blue Mar's CryEngine 2 renders the virtual space. Linden Labs Second Life technology is not even in the some ballpark on this one. The trees and shadows look almost like you are in a movie, and the distant horizon does not fade out but actually composed a lovely Vista unmatched by anything in Second LIfe.

Okay that said, there are some major costs to going to Blue Mars, and I would hope the people at Avatar Reality can resolve some of them.

Firstly moving about is way to clumsy. Though I have a very high end machine I am finding it very difficult to explore just one lush region.

Secondly no one is around. Though I imagine time may fix this it is even more empty than Second Life. In SL you can usually find a party of some kind.

And the downloads before you can go to a region are probably too long. I have 150 Mbps Broadband and I still find myself having to wait 5 to 10 minutes to enter a region. Given the way people TP around SL this simply won't work out. Better compression or more client side processing would seem in order.

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