Monday, 19 July 2010

Is Fantsay taking over Second LIfe

Courtyard of 'Kit Manor'

The rise of fantasy is not just Second Life When I was a kid the big movies were mostly Sci Fi: Star Wars, Close Encounters, ET, Terminator and Fantasy films were not really my thing. Clash of Titans was probably the only fantasy movie of the 1980s I really liked.

Back then Science Fiction was still kind of king, for geeks. A sci fi that placed science and technology at the highest point. As a kid the most advanced technology I saw was the black and white TV and automobile, but I dreamed of a technical future.

It seems today kids dream about escape: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Eclipse the big moves are just massive wish fulfillment fantasies. Maybe I am being a bit of a snob but I find fantasy just escapist. For all the silliness in Original Star Trek or Robert Heinlein novels at least they embrace Science and Technology as a social program to reach wonder.

Fantasy just images the wonder, embraces the dream without requiring any effort beyond imagining it. You still get all the CGI effects without any direct statement about technology. You have your cake and eat it too: turning you back on technology to go to a world constructed entirely out of technology.

As you might guess I am not in to WoW. EVE is more my speed. I want a virtual world that is more than just an escape from the banal exist of day to day but an engaged space that is part of my day to day life.

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