Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Seeking Class in Virtual Reality

New York Ballroom, very nice jazz club. Jazz clubs are very popular as people seek a more civil and classy community than day to day life offers.

Modern life of big cities full of strangers and remote suburbs offers little in the way of high culture to people. Social theorists have been snobby assuming that the mass of people crave low brow culture, and TV producers have flooded the established electronic media with low class production like reality TV.

One of the things I think the producers of shows like Sex in the City understood was that people actually want a classy social existence. They want high quality music and items and not mass produced cheap junk. They want classic songs and slow dancing. They want fancy drinks. This is more than just working class aspiration to imagined wealth, it is a deep need to have quality in their day to day life.

The problem is that everyone's idea of classy is a bit different, while trash is an easy commodity to sell. Reality TV is easy to mass produce and find a niche for. Shows where celebrities learn to ballroom dance try to touch unmet public demand for more "high class" community but find it hard to do in television.

Virtual Reality makes it possible for a small group of people, maybe one or two even, to experience their idea of a "classy" experience. Thus Second Life is as full of Jazz clubs and ballrooms as strip clubs. In fact many of the adult SIMs that allow sex RP also provide Jazz music, classical music, traditional dancing and high class interiors.

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