Wednesday, 30 June 2010

OS Sim Progresses, and do we even need Owners in VR?


Linden Labs was always at its best when it was not there. I am not a libertarian or free market person in the Real World because in the real world people fall in to poverty, develop mental illnesses, become victims of crime, lose their parents, and countless other tragedies that can only be dealt with by a State in a Modern Capitalist Society.


But Virtual Reality for the most part is a harmless special place. Sure the state still has a role, but it is limited to groomers, pedophiles, hackers, and other fraudsters. For the most people people can't really hurt each other in Second Life as long as they are all adults and keeping their privacy. So looking at the Open Sim concept I wonder if maybe OpenSim will do what Linden Labs could not: ultimately take this idea global.


I remember in the 1990s everyone was looking to Britannica's encyclopedia for the place where encyclopedia's would come on line. As they failed some people imagined it was the fault of the technology. But in fact it was because a business full of old people simply could not tend to such a massive project and it took Wikipedia to do this. Maybe Open Sim in the Wikipedia of Virtual Reality?

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