Friday, 25 June 2010

Linden Lab shake up, some baseless speculation

With the departure of the CEO and the return of Rosedale to the post one can now confidently say Linden Labs is in crisis.

This comes after SL 7 B celebrations opened with a Rosedale apology and the mass firing of 30% of Linden Labs staff.

So what went wrong since 2007. Well this is my list:

  1. Second Life is just too hard to use. People just stand around IMing each other because to move around in the endless flood of Lag invites bumping in to each other.
  2. Viewer 2.0, what was the purpose of benefit. I mean okay I can make a cube a show a flash movie on it. Wow. With Dale's Browser I can but on 3D glasses and go in to SL in 3D. Also the other browsers are conflicting with Viewer 2 and I even got "ruthed" the other day switching from Emerald to Viewer 2.
  3. Public demand for virtual reality is still an East Asia thing, and SL does not have a good position with the non-Western community.
  4. They hired to many people during the growth.
  5. Filters and new safety measures put restrictions on what grown people could do, businesses could sell, without brining in all these grandmothers and born again Christians who were going to use it. People who get freaked out by sex are generally "old fashioned", old fashioned people also generally don't get technology. Linden Labs went after one of its best money makers for no real gain.
  6. Lack of Social Media strategy. Linden Labs has failed to take advantage of the mass community of bloggers and micro bloggers to promote and communicate. I don't know if anyone in side Linden Labs has ever even looked at my blog. I have several thousand images and locations taken from inside world. I don't know of any other site which has compiled such a mass of data about the SL Universe. And yet I never get comments from Lindens, have no Lindens following, get no Linden RTs, really nothing. Its a complaint I think I share with several other bloggers.
I hope LL is now returning to its roots. But the next year is critical. Lets not deny this, Second Life did survive the people saying it would die in 2008, but if anything it is in more trouble now than at any time in the past 5 years. Something has to be done or it does face a dismal future.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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