Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Defining Virtual

You can view the mutation of the human genome to made human evolution possible as a tiny alteration of entropy and chemistry. Then this tiny alteration had a radical impact on the overall order of chemistry and biology on earth and potentially even in the local galaxy at some point. By looking at this one case it is clear that a small event in this history of information storage by DNA unleashed a massive change in the total nature of the Order of Earth.

But it only looks that way by looking back after the outcome. It ignores the countless other such events that have no legacy. The lesson of Darwin is that this process is dumb. Certainly in the form of DNA information alters the local global Order of Life. But this is not planned

The idea of a God or technically advanced civilisation is that this information impact could be known in advance and deployed or avoided

This is the meaning, idealistically speaking, of the human project. That this application of energy to information to outcomes is not just selected but pre-selected. This pre-selection takes place in the realm of the virtual. The virtual is that which gives humans the opportunity to model or imagine before executing

This is the process of planning and the addition of planning makes selection more, in to a process of learning where the potentials of the imagined can be expanded.

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