Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The most common form of SL social interaction

Just standing around looking at each other, IMing. Its kind of like a mall. People learn not to move around too much because movement is clumsy and without animation you feel like a retarded bird.

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Now we get to hate Ning?

An email I got:

Dear Members of the New Toulouse Ning,

I believe that today, Wednesday, June 30 will be the last day that we have access to our Ning. The new pricing structure starts tomorrow, and we are not continuing with Ning.

Please archive anything that you want to save from the Ning TODAY! I am working on archiving "historic" photos. I have defined historic photos as the 100 or so photos that were already in the Ning when I took over New Toulouse at the end of January 2009. If you have added photos in the last 18 months please archive them yourself!

We do have a new repository for photos, in Koinup at . I am archiving the Ning photos to and I will move them into the New Toulouse Group after I have them all uploaded.

As of right now, we do not have a replacement for the Ning, however I am working on a solution. Please use the New Toulouse Google calendar at to document events.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me at .

Miz Gabi

Visit New Toulouse at:

This is really a shame because I think if SL communities are going to work they need Web 2.o tools to support them. But more and more Web 2.0 from Facebook to Flickr are proving themselves not to be at the level needed for a community as rich as an SL neo-tribe to use.

OS Sim Progresses, and do we even need Owners in VR?


Linden Labs was always at its best when it was not there. I am not a libertarian or free market person in the Real World because in the real world people fall in to poverty, develop mental illnesses, become victims of crime, lose their parents, and countless other tragedies that can only be dealt with by a State in a Modern Capitalist Society.


But Virtual Reality for the most part is a harmless special place. Sure the state still has a role, but it is limited to groomers, pedophiles, hackers, and other fraudsters. For the most people people can't really hurt each other in Second Life as long as they are all adults and keeping their privacy. So looking at the Open Sim concept I wonder if maybe OpenSim will do what Linden Labs could not: ultimately take this idea global.


I remember in the 1990s everyone was looking to Britannica's encyclopedia for the place where encyclopedia's would come on line. As they failed some people imagined it was the fault of the technology. But in fact it was because a business full of old people simply could not tend to such a massive project and it took Wikipedia to do this. Maybe Open Sim in the Wikipedia of Virtual Reality?

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

SL 7 B

SL 7 B welcome area, cool concept but confusing.

One of the things I have learned from exploring SL is that space needs to make clear sense to users. They need to know how to use it. The SL 7 B welcome area fails in this.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Demand for Flickr to Adopt Open Due Process

Many of you who use Flickr may know that people are deleted without any warning or justification given, and can not appeal. I support the following principles:

1. Flickr should implement a policy of warning before deletion for all accounts not in violation of civil or criminal law.

2. Flickr should implement a policy of review after deletion providing the opportunity for a site to confirm to ToS in order to restore site and content as was.

3. Flickr should provide the means for users not in violation of civil or criminal law to download the metadata, tags, discussions and other content that was produced by them on Flickr before deletion.

4. Flickr should make an effort to have a more consistent and open Due Process of enforcement of ToS.

5 Flickr should provide specific ToS violations for deletions upon each deletion.

It is not only the case that these principles will satisfy the demands of many Flickr users, but would also build a greater degree of trust between Flickr's content producing community and the company.

These concepts are in fact in the best interest of all involved. The existence of Due Process regarding enforcement and deletion of accounts not in violation of criminal or civil law will build a greater degree of trust by users.

Content producers will have more trust that Flickr is a service that can be trust. This could help slow the flow of users to other services that has so harmed Flickr in past years.

Also opening Due Process would improve overall enforcement of standards. Presently Flickr is dependent upon a small hand full of administrators with limited time and resources. Administrator decisions are entirely secret. By opening process of review of the community Flickr can establish a greater form of Open and more democratic governance without having to expand total cost of operations.

Open Due Process will also improve the security and safety of all users.

Join the debate

WASP collaborative scientific visualisation in 3D

WASP at the University of Western Australia

"An experimental area for collaborative scientific visualisation.UWA (University of Western Australia). 35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley, Perth, WA 6009. Supported by iVEC, the hub of advanced computing in Western Australia."

WASP is so cool I created a 3D interactive view of it based on the Dales Browser, you need 3D anaglyph glasses to make it work, enjoy.

View the fuller Silverlight Photosynth you need Silverlight and analgyph glasses, the red and blue classes.

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Linden Lab shake up, some baseless speculation

With the departure of the CEO and the return of Rosedale to the post one can now confidently say Linden Labs is in crisis.

This comes after SL 7 B celebrations opened with a Rosedale apology and the mass firing of 30% of Linden Labs staff.

So what went wrong since 2007. Well this is my list:

  1. Second Life is just too hard to use. People just stand around IMing each other because to move around in the endless flood of Lag invites bumping in to each other.
  2. Viewer 2.0, what was the purpose of benefit. I mean okay I can make a cube a show a flash movie on it. Wow. With Dale's Browser I can but on 3D glasses and go in to SL in 3D. Also the other browsers are conflicting with Viewer 2 and I even got "ruthed" the other day switching from Emerald to Viewer 2.
  3. Public demand for virtual reality is still an East Asia thing, and SL does not have a good position with the non-Western community.
  4. They hired to many people during the growth.
  5. Filters and new safety measures put restrictions on what grown people could do, businesses could sell, without brining in all these grandmothers and born again Christians who were going to use it. People who get freaked out by sex are generally "old fashioned", old fashioned people also generally don't get technology. Linden Labs went after one of its best money makers for no real gain.
  6. Lack of Social Media strategy. Linden Labs has failed to take advantage of the mass community of bloggers and micro bloggers to promote and communicate. I don't know if anyone in side Linden Labs has ever even looked at my blog. I have several thousand images and locations taken from inside world. I don't know of any other site which has compiled such a mass of data about the SL Universe. And yet I never get comments from Lindens, have no Lindens following, get no Linden RTs, really nothing. Its a complaint I think I share with several other bloggers.
I hope LL is now returning to its roots. But the next year is critical. Lets not deny this, Second Life did survive the people saying it would die in 2008, but if anything it is in more trouble now than at any time in the past 5 years. Something has to be done or it does face a dismal future.

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dancing as the king leaves

Dancing in Solace Beach to the singing of Pandora Breadbin as I learn in IM that Mark Kingdon has left as CEO and Phillip Rosedale would return as CEO. Lets hope this is like Jobs coming back to Apple.

I have been blogging for some time now about the disconnect between the greater community around SL and Linden Labs. For example this blog has thousands of images of life in Second Life, and yet I am to receive a single RT from Linden Labs. When I blogged about other Virtual Worlds they RTed me right away.

This failure to understand social media marketing is really sad for a firm that set the bar for user ownership IP in 2003. Lets hope things get better.

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Sexy or Geeky?

Sex Park is a bit empty, but you can get what you need to animate your avatars. For those of you who have spent less than five minutes in Second Life sex is generally done by two players "sitting on" animation balls which take control of their avatars. One partner than controls sex via a "menu". Yes its that geeky, the female balls are even usually pink and the male ones blue. Good thing that there are IM channels or it would just be silly.

I don't have any issue with there being sex in SL. In fact I think all the sex in SL is what makes it more of a Virtual "Reality" rather than just a game. I mean sex is as real as real life gets.

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Sex Park

I never imageind a Sex Park could look so univiting.

The human eye ses this contstant repetition of blocks as artifical because it has evolve where nature does not distribute random mistakes in precise spacial order. This building would look better if the blocks were just laid out uniform.

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SL 7 B looks to be a downer, and other thoughts

A safe adult hub. This is public land run by Linden Labs calling itself safe. Okay. But it is worth noting that this safe hub is in the center of Zindar.

Frankly Linden Labs was idiotic to try and impose some kind of moral order on Second Life, creating a filtering system and a separate sex island. Treating avatars as inmates in a private school for boys has been an utter failure. The recent mass firings of Lindens and rare apology from Philip Rosedale.

Linden Labs built Second Life on the basis of liberal ideas about personal freedom and property ownership. As long as you didn't break the law, land you owned was land you owned. The entire thing was a break through. Linden Labs brought Lawrence Lessig, guru of Internet law and freedom, to form a Constitution which promised to make Second Life a Free Republic of virtual reality.

And then something went terribly wrong.

Maybe they hired too many people. The classic Standford prison experiment where some students are guards comes to mind. Suddenly a group of employees had some power and some need to justify their existence. Too many employees looking after community are going to seek problems that need fixing, to justify their jobs.

Somehow Rosedale got caught up in the entire Facebook and Flickr "family friendly" ideology. That is where a site acts as though it is protecting the safety and privacy of members by implementing systems of censorship and control.

I sadly see this in almost all the new web sites. At some point they become concerned about the liability of human activity on their servers. Why standard TOS can't deal with this like they do with almost anything else escapes me.

People being as thy are the end result is usually less trust and more of the very conduct that the rules were intended to stop.

Rosedale needs to return to the principles that founded SL liberty, and needs to return to reality. SL is a video game, in that way it is safe everywhere. Nothing on the screen can hurt you unless you provide private information to someone who might being grooming or stealing. These issues are common to all Internet communication platforms and email protections should be the model.

In fact the entire process of confirming your identity via passports, and requesting more information in order to make SL safe makes it far far less safe.

Well this will be my fourth SL B, and SL 7 B promises to be a gloomy event.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Defining Virtual

You can view the mutation of the human genome to made human evolution possible as a tiny alteration of entropy and chemistry. Then this tiny alteration had a radical impact on the overall order of chemistry and biology on earth and potentially even in the local galaxy at some point. By looking at this one case it is clear that a small event in this history of information storage by DNA unleashed a massive change in the total nature of the Order of Earth.

But it only looks that way by looking back after the outcome. It ignores the countless other such events that have no legacy. The lesson of Darwin is that this process is dumb. Certainly in the form of DNA information alters the local global Order of Life. But this is not planned

The idea of a God or technically advanced civilisation is that this information impact could be known in advance and deployed or avoided

This is the meaning, idealistically speaking, of the human project. That this application of energy to information to outcomes is not just selected but pre-selected. This pre-selection takes place in the realm of the virtual. The virtual is that which gives humans the opportunity to model or imagine before executing

This is the process of planning and the addition of planning makes selection more, in to a process of learning where the potentials of the imagined can be expanded.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life

Nexus Prime

Nexus Prime in Gibson was an early theme SIM that had promised to be the city of the future, based on cyberpunk. Well it is in a kind of non-state right now. Lets hope there is more to the future.

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My Home Ahern Welcome Area

Ahern Welcome Area

Since I have been using the iPhone SL app I find myself going back to my home. The iPhone apps for SL i use have home as your default setting, and since you really can't see what is going on it is the safest place to go. My welcome area has not changed at all in a couple years, avatar design, interactions, and clothing after a big boom a year ago have pretty much stagnated recently.

I had to seem gloomy but the experiment of Second Life is on the verge of critical. The in-world user population is so small it is possible that no one would bother to buy it, and it could just vanish one day. Linden Labs has made things worse by introducing all kinds of moral code levels for lands, which never work and only insult the adult user population. I mean has anyone, anyone at all ever taken their grandmother to Second Life.

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Friday, 18 June 2010

S econdLearning Italy Art Show

S econdLearning Italy art gallery

I forgot to get the SLUR. Well the show is closing.

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Japanese Capture Sim

Capture Sim. Capture and bondage is popular in Second Life. Here we see an excellently done Japanese SIM. I have written before about the "sexualization" of space, and how I find some of the most detailed medieval and natural SIMs created by Gorean and other bondage communities.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dear Prudence Club Penny Lane

Dear Prudence has regular DJ playing rock music. When I was there is was 1980s rock but I don't given the Penny Lane Beatles theme I would imagine they play all kinds of "classic" rock, and even the Beatles sometimes.

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Harbour New York

Harbour New York owned by Panacea Luminos.

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Second Flight continues to evolve

RJ Kikuchiyo shows his Kiku Electra L10C, which looks really excellent and much better than most reconstructions of plane models I have seen. We meet at

RJ provided th following personal data

"RJ Kikuchiyo is a 20 year veteran of 3D design for media. His real-world experience in machining and set design for the film industry adds to the ability to use the tools effectively and produce works of realism depicting historic and accurate objects and places. He now finds SL as a creative expression of experience that can be shared, and provides his skills in using the tools of Second Life to achieve that expression for clients around the world."
you can email me at:

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Upstate New York

One would think that Second Life would almost always being aiming to reproduce a New York, so Panacea Luminos SIM of Upstate New York is an interesting concept. But the problem remains that Upstate New York is boring in reality. Trying to find what makes a Second Upstate New York more interesting.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

1888 London looks more like 1888 California

1888 London has a cool theme for a SIM, enjoying the dark underside of Victorian London life. But from the massive Ocean, the rolling green hills, and the skies clear of fog the SIM has not yet achieved New Babbage's level of atmosphere.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Its a Store

Bogarts is a long running business in Second Life that used to look better when it was smaller and on a beach front. You can't go back to sit on the beach and the entire space is over-run with stores.

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