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Violet Blue: Cyborg Girl

Violet Blue showed a series of images of her unpacking her new Evo. The series made me think of the intimacy of gadgets to ourselves and to what Donna Haraway said about the cyborg, that it offered an opportunity to expand beyond the limitations of the body and redefine the organic in terms of technology.

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Consumption of a commodity is the was of looking at technology as production, but an alternative view of any creation is reproduction, and consumption as an act of birth. The term re-production vs. production are very misleading. Production produces an endless line of exact copies of each other, in the commodity, while re-production always produces a new unique being. Re-production is the most creative act of the universe and a right among mammals only known by the female sex, therefor the mystery of consumption as a part of creative birth is perhaps best grasped in the female. This does not mean the everyone can not experience consumption as a fantasy of birth, it is only to say that one inscribes oneself in to a fantasy female if one does see obtaining of technology as the creation of a new being.

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Every birth is accompanied by a placenta, the boy tears through his wrapping to get to his gifts regardless of how much effort his mother put in to wrapping. In birth we have to learn to unwrap with care.

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These photos capture what I think of as an erotic pride in commodity creation. Technology viewed as more than a massed produced commodity in Marx's sense but in as an extension of the body.

This photo I think could be called Cyborg. It captures the relationship between human and machine very well. Notice the machine and the woman both have one eye, making them complete only as a pair. Technology complete the human and redefines it as something that is utterly open, since the gadget has had a birth and is therefore nothing but possibility. The birth ritual means the product is at the start of a process of life with humans and not at the end of a long process of development and design.

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I had a professor who said that all hand held technology had to be understood in terms of psychoanalytical implications. He stressed that gadgets carry a sexual object relations we insert in to them. Stressed the need to read Klein, Lacan, and Freud to understand gadgets.

A Lacanian explanation of the erotic attractiveness of this picture is it shows the female retaking the phallus. This is could be viewed in terms of Freud and castration, but feminist theories of psychoanalysis would read the phallus more as sexual energy, or sexual joy.

The image captures the sexual energy we can inject in objects so well.

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There is so much going on in these sets of pictures. A lot of ideas of Lacan and Freud fit right in.

The unpacking of the object is presented as a kind of birth, which the htc object taking on the role of a child or even a kind of phallus. Violet Blue's hair is cutting her face in half, and even presents one eye along with the single eye of the machine.

Is this the birth of a cyclops by a cyclops mother? The map behind it, sometimes showing just Africa gives a post-colonial contact to an object produced by Chinese working.

This one image connects all the clever references to the sexual nature of the object and its hold, the two objects with one eye, and the global contact in which the relationship arose. Notice Africa standing over the shoulder, like the father looking with the mother at a new child. The human and gadget with our global world as its farther, a new holy family for the cyborg age.

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