Thursday, 13 May 2010

Public Space and Commemoration

Garth Fairchand was a long time SL resident and developer who died last year. Many people use Second Life because they are too ill to move about. It offers a society for them. But it also means that Second Life is a place that has had more than its share of losses. Linden Labs was classey enough to make a public road named after Garth.

The tradition of public spaces commemorating the past and the dead is a central part of true civilization that it is good to see Second Life adopting. It is another small step in the establish of a real community space that might just last out the current decade.

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...


The road naming was the idea of the Nova Albion residents group led by LisaHot Juran, Indeed LJ was instrumental in planning this year's city-wide parade & party to celebrate Nova Albion's 6th anniversary and it was at this event that Pituca, Garth's SL & RL partner, came to see the street named in his honour. Pituca & Garth were amongst the first residents in Nova Albion, SL's first city, and Pituca still owns land on what is now Garth Fairchang Ave (the windmill is her's and had been there for many years).

I have a post about the parade on my blog here:

I have many posts about Nova albion and the history of the NW Sansara region on the too - just scroll down to the Non-Stories section here:

For more history, I highly recommend Marianne McCann's blog here:

She is arranging the Bay City Parade for this weekend (it'd be great if you could come and join in the fun!):

Mari also has a great info resource in Miramere, one of the 4 sims that make up Nova Albion:

Sorry for the hung link-dump, but I'm passionate about these areas and love to pass on as much information about them as possible :)

Robert Hooker said...

Thank you very very much, I see that my exploration of this area will have an experienced guide

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