Sunday, 30 May 2010

Beer, Sims, Rezzing and the Semantic Web, a Web 4.0 primer

There is a Munich in Second Life. You can say that Munich is Second Life contains this place.

Locations in Second Life are shown through SLURL, that explain space as

A Sim Name, in this case Munich City, and a precise 3D location. Any image in Second Life can be described with this SLURL, to tell where it was taken. All my photos have SLURLs to tell you where to find the location in Second Life.

The text that I write about the post, and the title I give it, adds to the link's and the image's Semantic content. Google can search my blog and provide returns on searchs live MunichSL with links to the SLURL in Second Life.

Very often I mention social information, like owners or makers. This SIM is created by the MunichSL Building Group. All this information has a time stamp of when published, so you get a semantic, social, sl spatial and temporal web.

If enough people do this work over time we can teach Google what is in Second Life. People could ask google about Second Life and in time it could tell people what SIMS are like and even what reviews they got. Kind of a foursquare for Second Life.

Many projects in SL related to RL systems, and information from other projects like Google Maps or Google Earth can map to Second Life information. For example here is Munich in Germany. Munich contains a place 48° 8'15.16"N 11°34'31.53"E. The relationship between Munich on Google Earth with 3D images and Munich SL is that they are both models of Munich, which is referenced as a place in the real world with its own history or location.

I imagine this ability of virtual realities to map to each other in meaningful ways and then back to real world locations, where people with smart devices can access the data and send up new data, is what we will come to see as Web 4.0. A space will become a fluid networks of simulations, re-imagining, histories, and communication networks that can come together not just in semantic webs, but in semantic, social spacial webs. Underpinning all of this will be the concept of the Virtual, with spaces having a mass set of virtual worlds in which to interact and communicate.

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