Sunday, 30 May 2010

Beer, Sims, Rezzing and the Semantic Web, a Web 4.0 primer

There is a Munich in Second Life. You can say that Munich is Second Life contains this place.

Locations in Second Life are shown through SLURL, that explain space as

A Sim Name, in this case Munich City, and a precise 3D location. Any image in Second Life can be described with this SLURL, to tell where it was taken. All my photos have SLURLs to tell you where to find the location in Second Life.

The text that I write about the post, and the title I give it, adds to the link's and the image's Semantic content. Google can search my blog and provide returns on searchs live MunichSL with links to the SLURL in Second Life.

Very often I mention social information, like owners or makers. This SIM is created by the MunichSL Building Group. All this information has a time stamp of when published, so you get a semantic, social, sl spatial and temporal web.

If enough people do this work over time we can teach Google what is in Second Life. People could ask google about Second Life and in time it could tell people what SIMS are like and even what reviews they got. Kind of a foursquare for Second Life.

Many projects in SL related to RL systems, and information from other projects like Google Maps or Google Earth can map to Second Life information. For example here is Munich in Germany. Munich contains a place 48° 8'15.16"N 11°34'31.53"E. The relationship between Munich on Google Earth with 3D images and Munich SL is that they are both models of Munich, which is referenced as a place in the real world with its own history or location.

I imagine this ability of virtual realities to map to each other in meaningful ways and then back to real world locations, where people with smart devices can access the data and send up new data, is what we will come to see as Web 4.0. A space will become a fluid networks of simulations, re-imagining, histories, and communication networks that can come together not just in semantic webs, but in semantic, social spacial webs. Underpinning all of this will be the concept of the Virtual, with spaces having a mass set of virtual worlds in which to interact and communicate.

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Friday, 28 May 2010

The Frontier of Web 4.0

Been watching the early growth of Twinity. Today got some community help in setting up the VoIP and it was cool having a talk in Parliament Square. This opens the possibility of people in the real Square using something like Foursquare talking to people in Twinity about a place. Imagine the potentials for tours? Why use a tour guide who happens to be available. You can use an Android to get a guide in real time who speaks you language and knows what you like, and they can walk with you over thousands of miles to give you a tour.

Okay its not there yet. But he potential is amazing. I have posted my desktop o show how the newer touch large screen desktops will open an amazing space for this kind of work. Look at all the places I could have other apps opened as I interact with a virtual world.

So much concentration on the hand held device and the Apple space. But remember that people in fixed locations or with disabilities are having a major set of virtual worlds opened to them.

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Torino in Italy and the Semantic Web


Many people seem to be asking about the Semantic Web. I personally am not a big Semantic Web kind of guy, but there are some core principles I can see as how Second Life could be created in to a web of meaning where people, groups, PRIMs, and SIMS had links to each other; but more interesting to the real world or other virtual worlds.

For example in Second Life there is a SIM Torino/Turin Italy. There is also a Torino/Turin Italy in Italy. That tells you little about the actual relationship between the two. For example is this just a name given to the SIM, or is it a Simulation, and if so where are they both located in their own universes.

By using tagged relationships better meaning can be established. For example you can place a shape on Second Life constructed of 4 points to say these are the four boundaries of the SIM in SL. Space is easy to manage in Second Life. This Square is Space in Second Life.

You can assert a "couple" saying Turin Italy in Second Life is in a given space.

RL is a bit more complex. Google maps will give you an area view and you can drop a complex shape over Turin Italy and create the couple

Turin Italy is in a given space

Panoramio - Photo of La Mole Antonelliana

Sites like Panoramio and Google earth have rich connections.

The thing is you can join Second Life up with Real World by asserting

Torino Italy in Second Life is a simulation based up the Real Torino

Now suddenly you have some intense information. Searches in SL or on Google can find simulations of Torina and the SL simulation can now get data in Google about Torrin.

My idea that the next step of Web 4.0 will involve Second Life being able to draw RL data and RL based applications will be able to draw down SL data. I am very excited also about Twinity as a model for how this could work even more directly.

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Viewer 2.0

~*Midsomer Isle*~* Step Into The Dream~Romantic Garden Dancing

"A Romantic Paradise of Hideaways, Mountain Pools, Puck's Hideaway Dance Garden, Garden of Sorrows, Gardens, Dancing, Dinner, Chess, Shopping, Relax, Romance, Love, Cuddle, or Just Dream to Ethereal Music Creekside and Watch the Swans"

A classic SIM and nice place to start out getting in to Second Life. Good place to walk around, to learn to use the controls, to learn to dance, and to meet people on a friendly basis.

Owned by Zanza Marx. Its a very popular site and one could do a long series on YouTubes and Flickrs from the place. Probably every romantic SL relationship will be here once, and I still use the main tower as my Avatar picture.

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Emerald vs Viewer 2.0, can't see the differences much

*~*Midsomer Isle*~* Step Into The Dream~Romantic Garden Dancing

My take is that newbies use Viewer 2.0, and flash in the world is pretty cool, but as you entered more experienced area people still mostly use Emerald.

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Over 40 AR companies & Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Nvidia, and Nokia coming to Augmented Reality Event: Are Nokia back in AR? | UgoTrade

Over 40 AR companies & Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Nvidia, and Nokia coming to Augmented Reality Event: Are Nokia back in AR? UgoTrade

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The New and Improved Newbie

I have not created a new SL Alt in some time, and it is interesting to see how the new out of the box Newbie has been improved. Linden Labs is kind of in a tough spot on this, they want the Out of the Box body to be good enough that people will feel comfortable getting in to the thick of things, but they don't want to take away business from existing vendors with products. If the out of the box body and outfits were too nice you could see the entire buiness of hair and skins drying up over night.

Its a tough ground. In SL you buy a number of things that nature provides in real life. Linden Lab are kind of the creators, they provide the nature. They need to decide how much nature support take and still promotes their idea of supporting an internal market.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Not a SPAM site

For some reason Google, in its near infinite augment wisdom, briefly assessed this site as a SPAM site. A review for request has liberated the site. I would imagine any manual review of my utterly harmless site would determine in non-spamism in about 30 seconds, but it is good to be back.

But a warning to everyone out there, this is the second time this blog has been taken down for some time by Google. Starting to get a bit worried.

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Monday, 24 May 2010

The failure of Buzz in three numbers

More often than not I see just nothing on the Buzz bubble. Google's alternative to twitter can not even get more than 0.5% of the traffic. You think they could just pay people to Buzz to avoid embarrassment.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life

NOTE: the day after I posted this Google took my site down because of a "spam" crawler. If I had failed to request a review in the grace period this site would have been dead. They also locked me out of my google mail and required I provide a valid mobile phone number.

Is this Googlism? Are we living in an age of Corporate Stalinism via information control. Did Google lock me out of my Docs, my gmail, my analytics, and all my blogs until I presented a phone number identification? What are they going to do with the phone number I gave them?
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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Violet Blue: Cyborg Girl

Violet Blue showed a series of images of her unpacking her new Evo. The series made me think of the intimacy of gadgets to ourselves and to what Donna Haraway said about the cyborg, that it offered an opportunity to expand beyond the limitations of the body and redefine the organic in terms of technology.

IMG_0548 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Consumption of a commodity is the was of looking at technology as production, but an alternative view of any creation is reproduction, and consumption as an act of birth. The term re-production vs. production are very misleading. Production produces an endless line of exact copies of each other, in the commodity, while re-production always produces a new unique being. Re-production is the most creative act of the universe and a right among mammals only known by the female sex, therefor the mystery of consumption as a part of creative birth is perhaps best grasped in the female. This does not mean the everyone can not experience consumption as a fantasy of birth, it is only to say that one inscribes oneself in to a fantasy female if one does see obtaining of technology as the creation of a new being.

IMG_0556 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Every birth is accompanied by a placenta, the boy tears through his wrapping to get to his gifts regardless of how much effort his mother put in to wrapping. In birth we have to learn to unwrap with care.

IMG_0563 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These photos capture what I think of as an erotic pride in commodity creation. Technology viewed as more than a massed produced commodity in Marx's sense but in as an extension of the body.

This photo I think could be called Cyborg. It captures the relationship between human and machine very well. Notice the machine and the woman both have one eye, making them complete only as a pair. Technology complete the human and redefines it as something that is utterly open, since the gadget has had a birth and is therefore nothing but possibility. The birth ritual means the product is at the start of a process of life with humans and not at the end of a long process of development and design.

IMG_0565 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I had a professor who said that all hand held technology had to be understood in terms of psychoanalytical implications. He stressed that gadgets carry a sexual object relations we insert in to them. Stressed the need to read Klein, Lacan, and Freud to understand gadgets.

A Lacanian explanation of the erotic attractiveness of this picture is it shows the female retaking the phallus. This is could be viewed in terms of Freud and castration, but feminist theories of psychoanalysis would read the phallus more as sexual energy, or sexual joy.

The image captures the sexual energy we can inject in objects so well.

IMG_0562 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

There is so much going on in these sets of pictures. A lot of ideas of Lacan and Freud fit right in.

The unpacking of the object is presented as a kind of birth, which the htc object taking on the role of a child or even a kind of phallus. Violet Blue's hair is cutting her face in half, and even presents one eye along with the single eye of the machine.

Is this the birth of a cyclops by a cyclops mother? The map behind it, sometimes showing just Africa gives a post-colonial contact to an object produced by Chinese working.

This one image connects all the clever references to the sexual nature of the object and its hold, the two objects with one eye, and the global contact in which the relationship arose. Notice Africa standing over the shoulder, like the father looking with the mother at a new child. The human and gadget with our global world as its farther, a new holy family for the cyborg age.

Violet Blue is a blogger and journalist with a hole shit load of URLs including:

Which are more than I can shake any given stick at on any given day.

Philosophy Class in Second Life

herman Bergson, seen in the middle, gives regular philosophy lectures in Second Life at Bergson's. By his count he has given about 270 since 2007! Then again I have post 3,000 blog posts on Second Life in the same time. SL sures motivates one to produce

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

People listening to live music in Second Life

Solace Beach - Live Music Treasure Hunt 7Seas Fishing Pirates

Don't forget to tip. I remember when I lived in Wicker Park Chicago during its brief and pretentious artist stage, I could walk down the street and just hear concerts. Maybe 2 or 3 on a Saturday or Friday, usually one a night.

In the blues district it was several every night.

Second Life's music scene is a lot like that, bigger but with Lag.

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Why even tell you

You know rather than me giving and SLUR link you can just click on the graphic to read where the image was taken.

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Caledon has a colony in Blue Mars

Some Caledon colonist have built a settlement in BlueMars. Thy have patterned it so after the SL colony that you kind of lose all the advantages of BlueMars CryEnging technology. But man, take a look at that mountain.

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Enjoying some Swing in an old Muslim Home

Kaseido Quandry's home, I don't like to give addresses of people's homes but this is another fine part of the CDS.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

"Meet the Candidates" pajama party

May 16 "Meet the Candidates" pajama party at Locus Amoenus Common Land sponsored by Sonja Strom

"it was in informal way for the residents of the CDS to meet their candidates, and talk with them" Sonja Strom

This is part of the interesting democratic Project CDS. CDS is one of my favorite projects in SL and I h ave been noted to call them the best on the web.

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Big Names in a Little Space

World2Worlds, Inc. Corporate HQ

World2Worlds™ is a full-service consultancy, enabling 3D virtual events in Second Life and other 3D virtual realities, bringing qualified audiences and quality content together for authentic engagement. Visit us at:

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Cory Doctorow interviewed in Flash in Viewer 2

Keynote Theatre

Using Viewer 2.0 you can see flash movies in world that are also being shown on the Internet. Flash can serve as a bridge between the (non iPad) Internet and Second Life. Cool.

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Standing around being cool

Germelshausen Coffeehouse & Bakery- #44

Showing the state of the art in realistic SL avatars, its just that all this design and detail adds so much to the LAG.

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Large purple structure in SL

Vehicle Sandbox

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