Thursday, 29 April 2010

An Open Letter to Linden Labs: its 2010 folks

When Second Life had its Golden Age Web 2.0 was still pretty much just Web 1.0. Communication from the center out were still essentially one directional. New web tools like podCasts, youTubes, and blogs reduced the cost of publishing, but it was still publishing and not collaboration. Companies like Yahoo have even struggled to reduce potential free collaboration breaking out on sites like Flickr, impossing a publishing model on what was suppose to be a social collaboration tool.

This is the world Linden Labs had its best years in and it is the world they remain in.

Certainly Linden Lab's very free philosophy of open source and user created and owned content were breakthroughs in developing a collaborative culture, but it seems Linden Labs is kind of stuck right now.

I would point out to Linden Labs inability to promote Second Life effectively via Twitter.

Recently I have been exploring virtual worlds made with CryEngline 2. I wrote blog posts about Twinity and BlueMars. On Twinity I wrote posts about the possibility of using a mashup of Twinity and Foursquare to make a web 4.0 experience. On BlueMars I compared graphic entry experience of BM and SL.

These two blog posts are some of the most read I have ever done. Why? Because my Twitter posts on them were RTed by Twinity and BlueMars. Their RTs drove hundreds of users to my site to read these posts and in the case of Twinity several of these people went to the Twinity web page.

So we have 4 blog posts over the past week getting hundreds of reads because two companies took the time to retweet my posts. This resulted in growth in awareness of their product and debate.

And what has Linden Labs done for me on Twitter? Well its not like I have made THOUSANDS of posts telling users places to go for almost any interest in Second Life or introducing hundreds of users or anything. Right? Hell I have virtually composed a dictionary of places and activities here with thousands and thousands of graphic captures that could guide new users in finding communities and places in Second Life. And Linden Labs has never retweeted me once.

Letting users create and own content is one thing, failing to promote this creation through neglect is another. Linden Labs get a Twitter strategy!!!!

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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