Saturday, 17 April 2010

No people playing men, the kind of strange world of lesbian clubs in Second Life

Kittens Lesbian Erotica - **WOMEN ONLY** Club, Disco, Dancing

Like many lesbian SIMs in Second Life the rule is "No Men", but what does that mean in a Universe like Second Life where anyone can be what ever gender they want. As Donna Haraway pointed out technology allows us to break down and experiment with gender identity. In real terms any guy can make a Avatar of a female, and it is impossible to really know who is acting another gender or not without using VoiP or video. The only way the rule can be read is that no male avatars can be in the SIM. The rumour among female lesbians who are brave enough to voice is that these clubs are full of guys who end up generally having virtual sex with other guys.

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