Friday, 23 April 2010

Foursquare and Virtual Reality

Extending on the idea of Web 4.0. I see Web 1.0 as simple publishing or web sites to be read. Web 1.0 top technology was the search engine. Web 2.0 provided the ability to write back and discuss in groups. Web 2.0 top technology is the social network. Web 3.0 allows this to happen in real time in the real world through geo-spatial data. Right now foursquare is the prototype Web 3.0 technology. Remember new ways of using the web still needs all the earlier technology. Search is as important as ever, it just has layers of social network on top of it.

Now lets take the next step: lets allow social interaction in real time in a world of merged virtual reality and real world via mobile devices. This would allow social communities to mix being in the real world and virtaul reality. For example here is Twinity virtual reality outside of Big Ben. People from all over the world can come here to interact in real time.

Twinity uses Google maps. Also Foursquare allows people to check in to places on the same Google Maps. Therefore by using the same Google maps technology a group can form in one "place" with some of them there with their mobile devices using foursquare, skype, twitter, layar or some other augmented reality technology and some other ones will be there via something like Twinity Virtual Reality or Second Life.

With an augmented reality tool like layer people in the actual location could see the avatars in Twinity (once someone gets around to making this).

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