Monday, 26 April 2010

Dorks in heat

Purple Xtasy - Free Sex and Dark BDSM Club

What is really striking about Second Life is how nerdy the sex industry is. In Second Life is you see and Dungeons and Dragons like castle you can be almost certain its for sex related role play. It makes me wonder if nerd culture always was about sex. And actually now that there are girl nerds maybe the nerds have been the real studs of post-modern society for some time. Popular culture sees some dorks running around in Renaissance fair costumes but really its all just foreplay to overweight nerd orgies.

There is no question that academic people tend to be socially isolated and often feel sexually retarded, but nerd culture is not necessarily academic. In fact the nerds appropriation of a fantasy Middle Ages is very un-scholarly, based more on the sex loaded comics of Heavy Metal and the strange world of Gor than the writings of Bede or Chaucer.

In Second Life this dork culture has found a nation of its own, and it is a very sexually active world. Most sex role plays I speak to say it is a way to supplement real life, but they would say that. Who is going to say they are a 300 pound shut in who can only get a feel playing a girl fairy princess in Second Life?

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