Friday, 30 April 2010

What is Zindra?

SEXDREAMZ Custom Sex Animated Furnitur

Zindra should not be thought as much as a sex island in Second Life as a place people go to purchase sex toys for use in private SIMs that are throughout SL. Like red lights districts in RL Zindra only gives the illusion of containing pornographic material and activity when in fact it is likely furthering its distribution throughout most of Second Life by making it more obvious where you purchase such stuff.

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Sakura Raven

Sakura Raven has a very cool av

Shemale Sanctuary IV Club & Mal

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High End Low Prim Sex Furniture

SEXDREAMZ Custom Sex Animated Furniture

Its amazing how dorky sex can become on the Internet.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

An Open Letter to Linden Labs: its 2010 folks

When Second Life had its Golden Age Web 2.0 was still pretty much just Web 1.0. Communication from the center out were still essentially one directional. New web tools like podCasts, youTubes, and blogs reduced the cost of publishing, but it was still publishing and not collaboration. Companies like Yahoo have even struggled to reduce potential free collaboration breaking out on sites like Flickr, impossing a publishing model on what was suppose to be a social collaboration tool.

This is the world Linden Labs had its best years in and it is the world they remain in.

Certainly Linden Lab's very free philosophy of open source and user created and owned content were breakthroughs in developing a collaborative culture, but it seems Linden Labs is kind of stuck right now.

I would point out to Linden Labs inability to promote Second Life effectively via Twitter.

Recently I have been exploring virtual worlds made with CryEngline 2. I wrote blog posts about Twinity and BlueMars. On Twinity I wrote posts about the possibility of using a mashup of Twinity and Foursquare to make a web 4.0 experience. On BlueMars I compared graphic entry experience of BM and SL.

These two blog posts are some of the most read I have ever done. Why? Because my Twitter posts on them were RTed by Twinity and BlueMars. Their RTs drove hundreds of users to my site to read these posts and in the case of Twinity several of these people went to the Twinity web page.

So we have 4 blog posts over the past week getting hundreds of reads because two companies took the time to retweet my posts. This resulted in growth in awareness of their product and debate.

And what has Linden Labs done for me on Twitter? Well its not like I have made THOUSANDS of posts telling users places to go for almost any interest in Second Life or introducing hundreds of users or anything. Right? Hell I have virtually composed a dictionary of places and activities here with thousands and thousands of graphic captures that could guide new users in finding communities and places in Second Life. And Linden Labs has never retweeted me once.

Letting users create and own content is one thing, failing to promote this creation through neglect is another. Linden Labs get a Twitter strategy!!!!

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BlueMars vs Second Life, look and feel BlueMars wins

BlueMars produces an atmosphere, light and shade look more real showing the reality is not just a cluster of objects.

Second Life is just a cluster of objects in a vacuum. Sure it has the community, but for look and feel it is very unnatural and at time unnerving.

Lets be honest. The virtual social community is Second Life. Sure Wizards is bigger, but right now if you are going to "hang out" in a simulation universe that is not a game most likely going it is to be Second Life. I am talking about America and Europe here, Asia has its own mass of virtual universes that put use westerns to shame.

But what about the future? I have to give the technology behind BlueMars points for look and feel. You can see for yourself and BlueMars look and feel is far better.

So for look and feel you have to look to the technology behind BlueMars over Linden Labs server. This is bad news for OpenSim which is a cool project.

Learn more about BlueMars from Wikipedia. If you can please improve the Wikipedia article. CryEngine 2 is the rendering behind BlueMars and Twinity and it is just better looking than Linden Labs server.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

BlueMars renders better

BlueMars and Twinity both render with very different technology that Second Life. BlueMars downloads a "city" before you enter it, meaning you have to pre-download some significant client site data to visit a "city". Second Life lets you go to a SIM before it is downloaded and rendered. The positive impact of BlueMars' approach is clear when you look at these graphics.

Most striking is the realistic light and atmosphere which is utterly missing in Second Life. The idea of shapes and textures has definite limits that BlueMars has over come.

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Sex furniture

SEXDREAMZ Custom Sex Animated Furniture - FREE SEX ORGY ROOM

This furniture is animated to enable avatars to engage in sex.

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Blue Mars Demo

A tale of two Cities, simulating the urban

A tale of two virtual cities: London in twinity and Paris in Second Life.

The ultimate game of City simulation remains SimCity. Why? Because the city you create in SimCity can be a lovely complex microcosm, but more because it can burn down, it can run out of money, it can revolt against you and the Sims can flee your administration or taxes. SimCity presents the urbana landscape as a set of problems as much as a set of places.

Web 3.0 with its venues, grids and geo-maps aims to more fully capture a city than any previous technology. Virtual reality has the ability to present a simulated city including real people in real time. The combination of geo-knowledge of Web 3.0 and Virtual Reality is what I think might make Web 4.0. But so far the cities of VR lack the essential ingredient that makes a city a city: the problems.

Second Life presents us with a vast array of amusement part imagination cities. The complexity of people and place is there, but the cities are more "rides" than places. Twinity promises to give us the "real place" building virtual reality based on Google maps. But the physical location of much of London is there without the soul. The soul of a city is the fact that millions of people. many from around the world, daily have to come together and work out some kind of peace.

The problem with simulated cities on the Internet is that they are own commodities. As such they are require no negotiation or compromise which is not simulation. The owners of a SIM in Second Life have the power neo-nazis can only dream of in RL, they can ban anyone they want forever at any time on any basis. They can lock down an entire urban space on the basis of a shared ideology.

And as an owned commodity virtual cities are what travel agencies try to make real cities: commodities. Whereas a city emerges because of the necessity of millions of separate lives a simulated city is someones idea, usually an idea to make money. Packaged ad branded for us to consume as a specific item it can never take the risks of a truly great city.

When ever I played SimCity I dreamed about walking around the city and meeting the SIMs. The SIMs games tried that, but they really were more in line with robot pets. At present it is still not possible to do this, unless of course you live in a real city.

Which is probably where Web 3.0 comes in. Foursquare and other such services might be able to leverage the reality of a city where a simulation simply can not. Or perhaps something like Foursquare impoverishes the city, turns it in to a managed commodity of selected communities?

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Monday, 26 April 2010


PARIS *-._, Paris 1900 ,_.-* French France

Paris 1900 takes all the pieces of an imagined Paris but mixes them in a total fantasy, and impossible vision that may have more to do with Disneyland than any real Paris. Still it is a very well executed SIM and without Twinity's slavish attention to RL detail it does not take a full hour to walk pass all the main landmarks of Paris.

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Lascivious Vulpine & Forest and Mines Furry BDSM Playspace

Though the combination of medieval fantasy, dressing up in furry animal clothing, and sexual bondage may seem a rather odd combination I have seen enough of it in Second Life to know that firstly it is a definite tribe of post-moder cyber culture and cyber sexuality. Though the combination of bondage and dungeons might seem obvious how furry fits in utterly escapes me.

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Dorks in heat

Purple Xtasy - Free Sex and Dark BDSM Club

What is really striking about Second Life is how nerdy the sex industry is. In Second Life is you see and Dungeons and Dragons like castle you can be almost certain its for sex related role play. It makes me wonder if nerd culture always was about sex. And actually now that there are girl nerds maybe the nerds have been the real studs of post-modern society for some time. Popular culture sees some dorks running around in Renaissance fair costumes but really its all just foreplay to overweight nerd orgies.

There is no question that academic people tend to be socially isolated and often feel sexually retarded, but nerd culture is not necessarily academic. In fact the nerds appropriation of a fantasy Middle Ages is very un-scholarly, based more on the sex loaded comics of Heavy Metal and the strange world of Gor than the writings of Bede or Chaucer.

In Second Life this dork culture has found a nation of its own, and it is a very sexually active world. Most sex role plays I speak to say it is a way to supplement real life, but they would say that. Who is going to say they are a 300 pound shut in who can only get a feel playing a girl fairy princess in Second Life?

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Continuing through Zindra

Enslaved Extreme RLV

I have to admit it is a bit embarrassing how many of these SIMS in Second Life's porno land mass Zindar are familiar to me.

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Foursquare and Virtual Reality

Extending on the idea of Web 4.0. I see Web 1.0 as simple publishing or web sites to be read. Web 1.0 top technology was the search engine. Web 2.0 provided the ability to write back and discuss in groups. Web 2.0 top technology is the social network. Web 3.0 allows this to happen in real time in the real world through geo-spatial data. Right now foursquare is the prototype Web 3.0 technology. Remember new ways of using the web still needs all the earlier technology. Search is as important as ever, it just has layers of social network on top of it.

Now lets take the next step: lets allow social interaction in real time in a world of merged virtual reality and real world via mobile devices. This would allow social communities to mix being in the real world and virtaul reality. For example here is Twinity virtual reality outside of Big Ben. People from all over the world can come here to interact in real time.

Twinity uses Google maps. Also Foursquare allows people to check in to places on the same Google Maps. Therefore by using the same Google maps technology a group can form in one "place" with some of them there with their mobile devices using foursquare, skype, twitter, layar or some other augmented reality technology and some other ones will be there via something like Twinity Virtual Reality or Second Life.

With an augmented reality tool like layer people in the actual location could see the avatars in Twinity (once someone gets around to making this).

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Is Twinity a step to Web 4.0?

Twinity is a virtual world based upon the real world, even using Google maps to allow you to teleport and explore models of real world cities. Sure it empty, sure its sterile, but perhaps some big things could come from this.

Twintiy uses Google maps and real positions to lay out its virtual world, minus the people, business, working transit, and sounds. Twinity also has presence on Social Networking sites like twitter and facebook. I am thinking a quick use would be to combine foursquare with Twinity to make a very quick Real world Virtual world mashup. This mashup of the real world and virtual world in real time is what I see as Web 4.0, where semantic, spatial, and socail data is free to create a "space" as it needs it out of the infinite potential of the Internet.

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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Do I give up?

Okay I think its time to face an ugly truth: Second Life is not dying, nor is it growing. Its just sort of sitting there. Sure it is evolving. SIMs are richer and Avatars are more detailed. But over the past 4 years Second Life has kind of slowly evolved and slightly grown while Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have changed the world.

At what point does one call it quits? How long is enough to wait?

I have to be honest but I have even noticed a decline in innovation in Second Life. The platforms seems to have just failed.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Going hardcore in Second Life

Divine Discipline (Home of Spanker & Spankee and Spread Eagle)

I guess the image and title says it all.

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Exploring Zindra

Shemale Sex Palace: Free Sex & Dancing Club, Sex Beds & Dungeon

Zindra is an entire land mass in Second Life made up of many SIMs dedicated to the really hard-core. I have to say I thought Second Life was pretty hard-core anyways, but Zindar takes it to another level. I imagine Zindar will continue to grow faster than the rest of Second Life, but it seems so uncreative. It is like the typical porn site turned in to a mass shopping mall. One of the great thigns about Second Life cybersex is the romantic part of it, many people go looking for conversation and class.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Greeting robots

* WOMEN & MEN * Clothes Shoes Jewelry Animations Skins Dancing

Actually being greeted by a cluster of robot women is not as cool as it might have sounded.

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The strange skies of Second Life

Some of the more established land sees the skies full of buildings, just like the oceans are full of isolated islands. The theme seems to be that Second Life promotes isolated creations of virtual space over connected spaces. Space is like channels on a TV or sites on the Internet rather than the smooth continuous space of physics.

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Stores in the Sky over Second Life

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Getting a virtual hat

The Mad Hattery owned by Artemis Chauveau. An excellent store to by a Hat made by the Mad Hatter.

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